Code of Ethics

Anyone is welcome to have a reading with me. Please come with an open mind: this allows you to better frame your questions and ask the right questions for your readings. At the scheduled time of the reading (or while receiving your email reading), please read it when you are in the correct frame of mind, without fear, anger, despair, or any negative emotions, as far as possible. While I read your situation I am as objective as possible, and it is only fair for me to ask you to do the same.

Note that while readings are predictive in nature, they also serve as a counselling tool–they will give you insights into your own self and behavioural patterns. If you observe and apply the changes mentioned, it can help you in your path to self-improvement. I like to think of readings as torchlights. They shed light not only on the issue at hand, but (depending upon the question) you will also learn about your own past or future, other influences, your own thoughts, obstacles, or factors influencing the situation.

I am honest but I will only reveal what I am allowed to reveal. For instance, I do not predict death even if I see such events on the cards.

If you have had a reading with another seer and would like a second opinion or better clarity, you are welcome to sit for a reading with me.

Your reading will remain completely confidential. I will absolutely not disclose the contents of your reading.

Upon request, I can keep it confidential that I have read for you at all. This is specifically of use to celebrities or those who are in the eye of the media.

You need to be above 18 years of age to have a reading with me. However, a parent may query for their child in the reading.

No future event is set in stone. You are not a victim of your circumstances, rather a Creator of your life. Usually, readings of the future tell you what the most probable outcome is, and not the only outcome. You may obtain advice on how to avoid undesirable outcomes or how to increase the chances of a specific outcome. How you handle this information is your prerogative.

I do, in fact, read about health. However, this reading is NOT a substitute for a health checkup or medical attention; rather, it may provide guidance on how to improve your health at the holistic level. Approach these with caution and always seek conventional medical guidance, healing, and therapy when and where needed.

I conduct healing via various modalities, including Reiki, psychic/faith healing, energy healing, crystal, angel, and chakra healing, as well as healing through Wiccan spell work. These healing modalities may take place both in person or over a distance.

Healing sessions are carried out with your consent, or with the consent of a relative/family member of the person to whom the healing is to be sent (in cases where the patient is unable to provide consent themselves at the time).

All healing sessions commence with seeking the express permission of your Higher Self, meaning you will receive energy only in your own best interests, and by your own consent at a higher spiritual level.

Any of the above mentioned healing modalities work by releasing any blocks in the flow of energy through your body. Thus, if there are any such blocks, working on releasing these blocks are likely to, as a consequence, change your medical condition for the better.

Remember, your healing session with me (or with anyone else for that matter) is no substitute for a doctor’s recommendations, medicine, or dietary regimen. The healing that I send you will only function on a spiritual level. It is not realistic to expect any changes without working on the physical aspect (diet, exercise, and medication). But the healing will strengthen your will to improve your circumstance or situation, and thereby accelerate your healing process.

You may also receive healing or spellwork for important meetings, situations or circumstances that need to be improved. Remember that this is only an “adjunct” to your personal actions. For instance, if you seek healing for an interview, it will clear other negative factors, break other “jinxes”, and clear your path to clearing it. But you still have to be an excellent interviewee and be genuinely suited for the job.